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I own now a Sony Cybershot DSC-P32. The reason why I got this camera was:
  1. the price
  2. the 5 mm lens (that would be roughly 33 mm in 35 mm cameras)
  3. the control of the exposure (even if you can't get the full control, the camera is providing sufficient functions to override the automatic)
What I like about the camera:
  1. the camera lies good in the hand despite it's size.
  2. it boots extremly fast. Less then 1 second and the camera is ready to take a picture.
  3. the release-delay is short, only storing the data takes some time.
  4. the important function can be reached quickly. So I can activate the spotmetering with the push of one button. Other function I can access via the Menu button. The last chosen function stays chosen, which is very convenient.
  5. the flash can be turned off.
  6. the LCD-Display is bright enough.
  7. I could use normal R6 (alkaline) batteries.
Now something about the image quality. With the help of some example images, I like to show the weakness of this system.

example picture of distortion of the DSC-P32The 5 mm lens has a heavy barrel distortion.

example picture of Brüggler

cutout of BrügglerThe DSC-P32 has some problems with color. I've got here a cutout in full resolution. The colors are stepped, and sharpness is missing.

example of the carInstead of a homogenous color, the DSC-P32 produces a color-mix.

Conclusion: The image quality might be sufficient for web usage. You have to downsize the pictures to get acceptable images. With the help of a image processor you might be able to improve the quality of the images, but I deliberatly skipped those steps.
The missing zoom can be compensated by cutting the image. But be aware, a missing wideangle lens can't be easily replaced. Sadly most of the cameras with zoom start with a focal lenght of 38 mm (35 mm equivalent), which is unacceptable for me.
Copyright © 2003 by Leonhard Pang