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Salewa Quick Screw

So this is the new Salewa Quick Screw. It was just a bit hard to imagine, how to use it. On the internet I found a pretty good youtube video, but it was not a step by step explanation. So I finally got a chance to try it out, and here are the necessary steps how to deploy the Salewa Quick Screw. Salewa Quick Screw
Obviously, you need to get it first of your harness. Salewa Quick Screw
Now you are holding the carabiner in your hand, and the screw is dangling below your hand. Salewa Quick Screw
You have to get your hand to the screw. One way is to press the screw somewhere on your body and tunnel your hand towards the screw. Salewa Quick Screw
You need now to get rid of the spike protection. So turn the screw in that way, that the quickdraw is facing away from the ice. Press the top of the plastic protection at the ice. Salewa Quick Screw
Get your hand around the knob and start screwing the icescrew in. The teeth are bitting pretty well. Salewa Quick Screw
Get the handle out and turn the screw all the way in. Then get your rope in the quickdraw.

If this screw is something for you, you need to find it out for yourself. So far, I'm not convinced. Too many steps, till I have the screw deployed. Sure, you can pretty good streamline the screws on your harness, and it's convenient for the second, that he can leave the screws on the rope. But then try to put on the spike protection one handed to put it back on your harness... Ah the spike protection is facing by the way towards the ice, probably breaking when you take a fall, but one does not fall in ice...
Salewa Quick Screw
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