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Switzerland, Abraxas (Gamstobelwand)

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
This are the coordinate, you find on the topo. Approach the rocks from here, keeping left, and you will find small blue arrows, pointing the way up to the start of Abraxas. 47.014636;9.857610 Abraxas.wpx Abraxas.txt
The start of Abraxas has been clearly labeled. 47.015079;9.857041 2132.8 Abraxas_e.wpx Abraxas_e.txt

Switzerland, Albigna

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Fiamma, reachable by several routes. 46.339132;9.638763 2453.4 Fiamma.wpx Fiamma.txt
Route Schildkröte 46.327995;9.640675 2350.1 Schildkrot.wpx Schildkrot.txt

Switzerland, Betlispfeiler

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Parking for Betlispfeiler. Follow the track to the edge of the drop. About a meter of the ground on a tree, there is a chain to be used to downrope. 47.140201;9.125343 608.4 Betlispflr.wpx Betlispflr.txt

Switzerland, Cheselenflue

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Parking in Cheselen, there is space for two cars. It's only about 2 km away from Stöckalp. 46.795505;8.268530 1269.1 Cheselen.wpx Cheselen.txt
Trackstart to Cheselenflue. Leave the hikingtrail, and follow the steimannli. 46.790205;8.260681 1445.9 Cheselenft.wpx Cheselenft.txt
Dr Blau Chäfer 46.794198;8.262205 1523.8 Blauchaefer.wpx Blauchaefer.txt

Switzerland, Kingspitz Northeast Wall (Engelhörner)

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Engelhornhut 46.683180;8.172840 1901.1 Engelhorn.wpx Engelhorn.txt
This is the start of the Kingspitz Northeast Wall. Start here to climb up to the canyon. 46.677353;8.177136 2044.1 Kingsp_NOW.wpx Kingsp_NOW.txt
Kinspitz, the descent is located at the westridge. At the yellow-red dihedral you'll find a cairn and you find there also a rappelstation, consisted of two pitons and some rope. 46.675692;8.176310 2619.0 Kingspitz.wpx Kingspitz.txt

Switzerland, Matlusch at Fläsch

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Parking just outside of Fläsch. 47.023818;9.523008 618.2 Flaesch.wpx Flaesch.txt
Matlusch at Fläsch. There is a small track leading up to the climbing area. 47.024917;9.522997 680.5 Matlusch.wpx Matlusch.txt

Switzerland, Pne. di Cassina Baggio (Bedretto)

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Parking space. It's right at the road up to the Nufenenpass 46.476345;8.431371 2090.0 Alpecruina.wpx Alpecruina.txt
Trail start to Pne. di Cassina Baggio Climbing area. From the parking space, follow the hiking trail to Piansecco hut. Take the shorter version. Turn at this point north and follow the little path upwards towards the rocks. 46.490491;8.459208 2107.3 P Cassina.wpx P Cassina.txt
Piccadilly di Bedretto 46.495060;8.455879 2309.2 Piccadilly.wpx picadilly.txt

Switzerland, Ruegig, Hagelstock

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Näb dr Kantä. Follow the hiking path, till you find a memorial plate. There you will find a red arrow, pointing, in which direction you should go. Just follow those markings. 46.914906;8.678780 2002.8 Naebdrkantae.wpx Naebdrkantae.txt
Altwybersummer. Follow the hiking path till you are beneath it. Then just go up. 46.915243;8.681231 1930 Altwybersummer.wpx Altwybersummer.txt

Italy, Finale Ligure

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Caprazoppa Settore D 44.164374;8.326994 246.9 Caprazop d.wpx Caprazop d.txt
This is one of the parking place for the climbing area Rian Cornei. You can start from here to get to Ciappo delle Conche. 44.215987;8.337231 273.9 RianCornei.wpx RianCornei.txt
Rian Cornei, Ciappo delle Conche it's a beautiful place, in a green valley. The belayer is in the shadow of the trees, while the climber gets the afternoon sun. 44.211106;8.338082 333.5 Conche ADP.wpx Conche ADP.txt
Valle Aquila, leave the car here. Follow the hiking path to get to the Tre Frati. 44.200695;8.327527 88.6 V Aquila D.wpx V Aquila D.txt
Tre Frati, a prominent rock formation. You can get spectacular pictures, when you're climbing the rock needle. 44.198474;8.322661 267.4 Tre Frati.wpx Tre Frati.txt

Spain, Mallorca

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Parking lot for Alaro 39.729376;2.788351 563.0 Alaro_P.wpx Alaro_P.txt
This is the trailstart to the climbing crag Alaro. The straight access, which is described in the climbing guide, looks barred now. 39.729636;2.790919 520.0 Alaro_T.wpx Alaro_T.txt
Leave the hiking trail here to access Chorreras. 39.729612;2.794329 600.5 ChorrerasT.wpx ChorrerasT.txt
The crag Chorreras can be looked over from the parking lot. It's a lot quieter here, since no hiker will pass by. 39.728616;2.795280 616.1 Chorreras.wpx Chorreras.txt
That's the parking lot for the crag creveta. 39.928842;3.110401 208.2 Columet.wpx Columet.txt
Pass to Creveta 39.928001;3.107341 217.4 CrevetaCL2.wpx CrevetaCL2.txt
Creveta has nice sharp limestone. The sun hits the wall in the later morning. 39.926896;3.105574 192.1 Creveta_Mn.wpx Creveta_Mn.txt
The crag Tijuana starts to be interesting when you can lead at least a 6a. 39.327364;3.148877 0.0 Tijuana.wpx Tijuana.txt

Spain, Tenerife

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
Las Cañadas 28.220903;-16.621642 2149.1 Las_Canadas.wpx Las_Canadas.txt
Sector Psiquiatrico (Las Cañadas) 28.221335;-16.620635 2140.2 Psiquiatrico.wpx Psiquiatrico.txt
Route Too kiski la soba 7a in sector Chumino (Las Cañadas) 28.220146;-16.620075 2166.9 Too_kiski_la_soba.wpx Too_kiski_la_soba.txt
Arico, Parkplatz 28.187529;-16.520441 812.9 Arico_P.wpx Arico_P.txt
Sektor Pena del Lunes, Arico 28.189969;-16.522867 815.3 Pena_del_Lunes.wpx Pena_del_Lunes.txt
Peter Punk, Guia d'Isora 28.197428;-16.755671 824.5 Peter_Punk.wpx Peter_Punk.txt

USA, Joshua Tree

Place Coordinates Altitude (m) Softtraxx Waypoint
The Old Woman 34.016731;-116.164017 1294.8 JT Oldwomn.wpx JT Oldwomn.txt
Intersection Rock 34.015690;-116.163457 1285.9 JT Intersc.wpx JT Intersc.txt
Cyclops Rock 34.015023;-116.159493 1273.9 JT Cyclop.wpx JT Cyclop.txt
Cyclops Rock, Gray Cell Green 5.11b*** 34.014524;-116.159493 1273.9 JT Graycel.wpx JT Graycel.txt
Turn right at this intersection (coming from Joshua Tree) to get to Indian Cove 34.134707;-116.155185 766.8 JT Indianx.wpx JT Indianx.txt
Indian Cove 34.092794;-116.155358 946.8 JT Indianc.wpx JT Indianc.txt
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