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It will find all SLCDs which covers at least 50% of the reference SLCD or a range of SLCDs.
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BD Camalots
BD Micro Camalots
BD Camalots C3
BD Camalots C4
BD Camalots Ultralight
BD Camalots X4
Camp Ball Nut
Camp Air Cam
Camp Air Jet
Camp Tricam
Camp Tricam Dyneema
Camp Tricam Evo
CCH Aliens
Fixe Aliens LITE
CT Anchor Friends
DMM Dragon
DMM Demon
DMM New Dragon
Kong Gipsy
Kong Slit Fit
Metolius TCU
Metolius Ultralight TCU
Metolius Power Cam
Metolius Ultralight Power Cam
Metolius Fat Cam
Metolius Ultralight Fat Cam
Metolius Supercam
Metolius Master Cam
Metolius Ultralight Master Cam
Omega Pacific Link Cam
Rock Empire Axel Cam
Rock Empire Comet Cam
Rock Empire Flexor Cam
Rock Empire Pulsar Cam
Rock Empire Robot Cam
Salewa Amigo Forged
Salewa Amigo G2 Crack
Splitter Gear 2-Cams
Splitter Gear 4-Cams
Totem Basic
Totem Cam
Trango Big Bro
Trango New Flex Cams
Trango Max Cams
Trango Splitter Cams
Wild Country Forged Friends
Wild Country Helium Friends
Wild Country Technical Friends
Wild Country Friends
Wild Country New Friends
Wild Country Zero Cams
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