Climbing -> Italy -> Arco -> Val di Ledro -> Pregasina -> Regina del Lago, April 28th 2014
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It was raining the whole night, but then in the morning we had a period without rain. So we thought, we might go to the climbing crag Regina del Lago. It's above Riva del Garda. Just follow the roadsign Val di Ledro. Right after the long tunnel starts the approach road to the crag. The car you can park 400 m further up the main road, right after where the road splits, where one road goes to Pregasina. Double back the road, till you are back by the tunnel. To the right is a short tunnel, go through it. To the left is a stone wall. Follow the road, till the wall is so low, that you can get on it. There the path starts up. By the next road fork is a wooden sign Palestra, follow the sign. The next fork has a cairn to the left going up. Go up and shortly after it's an other fork. Straight before you on a rock is an other sign written on the rock in black Palestra shwoing to the right. This path leads up the mountain. The first cairn you will encounter marks the path to Sector, leading left and up. The other sectors are along the main path.
It started to rain again, and the rock was wet. Sector E had a huge overhang, might be it's still dry...

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