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Salbit is well known because of the Südgrad 5b. It's a long alpine tour, rated as 5b. But is musn't be underestimated, because of the length and the alpine character.
To access the climbing area, you start best from the Salbit hut. It's about an 2 hour hike and close to 1000 m elevation difference from the busstation and parking lot.
From the hut it takes from 30 minutes up to 2 hours to get to the various climbing crags. You will find ridge- or facecliming inmidst of a wild mountain area. There are also several climbing garden around the hut, many of the 50 meters long.
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In the Plaisir Ost you will find some of the Topos of the climbing area. To get the whole area get the Salbit guide. Both of the guide you can get from
Travel by public transportation Timetable SBB
Take the train to Göschenen and then the Bus to Göschenen, Abzw. Salbit, or walk there.


To: Göschenen, Abzw. Salbit
Travel by car Routeplaner
Drive to Göschenen and from there direction Göscheneralp. Shortly after Abfrutt is a busstation and parking lot to go up to the Salbit hut.
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